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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders?
NGCLX was founded by a group of global financial institutions, regional advisory firms, and HNW investors that had a common vision of the next chapter for private investments.

  • National advisory and financial services firms, which service HNW and institutional investors.
  • Leading private market influencers, which collectively provide data technology and private investment content.
Why now for NGCLX?
Several trends are now fully in place for the private markets.  Investors want a greater allocation of private alternative investments while reducing risk factors.

  • This is validated by HNW annual private non-AUM investment reaching $90B, up +30% in just four years.
  • Portfolios for Millennials and Gen X (ages 21-53) now average 7-13% allocation for private investments.
  • 82% of HNW in US desire private investment options in pre-IPO, M&A stages.

With a desire for higher returns than traditional portfolio levels, and as data information and access increases, investors can leverage the liquidity needs of established listed companies that have been limited in viable options.

Who is the exchange for?
NGCLX will offer the first regulated proprietary exchange for the private capital middle market.  The members license will introduce liquidity to US established privately held companies that benefit both Listed Companies, HNW and institutional investors.

  • A limited number of financial instruments to ensure the “best in class” opportunities for order simplicities.
  • Investment types include debt, equity, bonds, and mezzanine orders. All for the private middle market.
  • Simple data transparency for both buy and sell interactions.
  • Approximately 60% lower fee structures versus existing private investment benchmarks.
What type of Listed Companies can participate?
Initially, only US based privately held companies with $70-$400M annual revenue.  This middle market segment will cover the sectors of Technology, Industrials, Energy, Consumer, Services, and Real Estate industries.
When will NGCLX start trading?
NGCLX will submit the required regulatory filings for FINRA & SEC approval to operate as a national private exchange this year. We anticipate a smooth and seamless process to start trading shortly after receiving regulatory approval.